Laerdal® Little Baby QCPR Manikin

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The new baby has arrived and you will love it!

Little Baby QCPR is a realistic and affordable BLS manikin for pediatrics with objective feedback. It improves training quality, learner engagement, and classroom efficiency.

Replacement Lungs: Laerdal Little Baby QCPR Lungs- available in a 24 pk.

  • Set up a class in no-time: Use the one-click-connection to set up training. The QCPR app onboarding guides you through the setup of your classroom.
  • Engage your learners: Increase engagement and confidence in both learner and instructor with a combination of realistic feel and intuitive feedback.
  • AHA Guidelines compliant: With objective feedback on compressions and ventilations, Little Baby QCPR teaches all the key parameters of quality CPR as defined by the American Heart Association.


  • Foreign body removal: Choking is one of the biggest reasons for cardiac arrest in infants. With Little Baby QCPR, you allow learners to practice the not-so-gentle touch to see what it takes to remove airway obstructions.
  • Correct hand placement: Spot incorrect hand placement with built-in sensors and QCPR app to instantly adjust learners' performance.
  • Act when it matters: Practice correct compressions, ventilations, and foreign body removal so that learners act with confidence when it matters the most.


  • Realistic anatomy of a 3-month-old baby
  • Head-tilt with open/locked airway
  • Feedback on hand positioning
  • Visible chest-rise on ventilations
  • See and feel the baby’s ribs
  • Landmarks, nipples, breast tip
  • Limbs with realistic movement
  • Durable construction with realistic length and weight
  • 2 AA batteries will last for months and are easily changed

Feedback Options:

  • QCPR Instructor App: Monitor and guide up to six learners at the same time with the free QCPR Instructor app. Real time and summative feedback is provided. Available on the App Store and Google Play. (You may have to update the app you currently use)
  • SkillGuide™: (Not included) Small and portable, SkillGuide™ provides a tethered "plug and plat" feedback option that can be used for stand-alone training, or as a supplement to the apps. While the Instructor gets feedback from the Instructor app, SkillGuide™ provides the learner with feedback (Note: The QCPR Learner app and QCPR Instructor app cannot be connected to a manikin at the same time.) 



  • Manikin
  • 1 airway (installed in manikin)
  • 6 manikin wipes
  • Jumpsuit for manikin
  • Soft pack carry case