Laerdal® SkillGuide™ with Extension Cable

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10-550  Vendor Part Number: 123-30050

SkillGuide™ with extension cable to provide learners real-time feedback without opening up the manikin’s chest to connect/disconnect the device.

  • To be used with the new Little Anne® QCPR manikins (item numbers #10-546, #10-547, #10-548, and #10-549)
  • Offers BLS instructors a cost-effective way to provide learners real-time feedback and an objective review of performance via summative feedback on the device.
  • Three modes for use: Feedback, Blind, and Debriefing
  • Real-time feedback includes: compression depth, compression rate, incomplete release, incorrect hand position (not available on Little Anne® QCPR), ventilation volume, and compression and ventilation counter
  • Summative feedback includes: compression score xx%, ventilation score xx%, most severe errors on ventilations and compressions, CPR duration, and flow fraction xx%
  • Special note: The new SkillGuide™ includes an extension cable. This cable allows you to connect/disconnect the SkillGuide™ from outside the manikin (because it plugs into the QCPR sensor inside the manikin under the rib plate). You could still use the current SkillGuide™ (#10-243) that doesn’t have the extension cable on Little Anne® QCPR, as it is the exact same device—you would just have to keep opening up the manikin’s chest to connect/disconnect it.