Pyramid DVD- CPR For Rescuers DVD G2015

Pyramid DVD- CPR For Rescuers DVD G2015

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CPR for Rescuers (2015- The date of the latest guidelines) for the professional rescuer, includes the recently recommended updates to CPR instruction.  As with past versions, our film is short and concise.  It is an excellent resource for training new providers as well as for re-certification classes when time is an issue.

BLS for the healthcare professional stresses high quality CPR: ensuring chest compressions of adequate rate and depth; allowing full chest recoil between compressions; minimizing interruptions in chest compressions and avoiding excessive ventilation.

Adult BLS for Health Care Professionals demonstrates:

The 5-Link Chain of Survival Simplified Adult CPR

The C-A-B Sequence of CPR

Emphasis on effective chest compressions

• Hands-only or compressions without ventilation

• 30:2 compression-ventilation ratio for all lone rescuers

• Checking breathing/no breathing in unresponsive adults

• Rescue breathing

• The jaw thrust technique

• Mouth–to-mask or bag-mask for rescue breathing

• Two-rescuer CPR

• Proper use of AED for adult victims

• Adult Recovery Position

 Child and Infant BLS for Health Care Professionals demonstrates

• Child chest compressions

• Two thumb-encircling hand technique for infant compressions

• Effective rescue breathing

• Two-rescuer CPR

• 15:2 ratio for infant/child 2-rescuer CPR

• Proper use of AED for child victims